Monday, May 30, 2011

UEFA Champions League 2010/2011

Kalah lagi MU di tangan Barcelona awal pagi semalam di Wembley Stadium dlm memburu kejuaraan UCL 2010/2011. In 2009, Barca kalahkan MU 2-0... kali ni 3-1. Hu hu... frust...frust!! Tapi MU smlm pun tak perform sgt...they were not playing as good as they have played before (esp against Chelsea and Schalke 04 in the quarter and semi finals)

The sad looking Chicharito while Barca players are celebrating behind him. Pep Guardiola is being lifted in the air by his team. This guy is good laa...full of strategies. And Barca deserved to win again... this time... coached by him!!

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