Tuesday, April 05, 2011

B2B Back To Basics

Cantik dan menarik kan packaging sabun2 dan cleansing products ni? Ok now, not only I want to talk about the nice packaging here...tapi saya nak mempromosikan serba sikit homemade soap yg dibuat oleh kawan saya sendiri (kawan sekelas masa form 4 & 5 di CBN)yg dipanggil B2B Backs to Basics.

B2B is all about producing 100% homemade soaps and cleansing products that are NATURAL and PURE. Only fresh herbs and quality ingredients are used. Our soaps are free from harsh chemicals or synthetic preservatives that are harmful to health.

Despite the rapid technology advancement we see today, little changes are seen in the reduction rate of Cancer trends or other terminal diseases. Our lives are filled with chemicals usage right from the food we eat to the soap we use. Thus it is our main aim to bring back the chemical-free life once enjoyed by our forefathers. Life that is pure, fresh and natural.

Our mission is to encourage the masses about simple and natural living; i.e Going Back to Basics in all sense of the word. At the same time B2B is pledging to offer a sum of the sale proceeds to Cancer sufferers and other charity organisations because we believe in giving back to society. We surely hope to receive your support! All natural products free from chemicals usage and radicals. Our soaps also last longer compared to the commercially manufactured ones.

Sekiranya anda berminat utk tahu lebih lanjut tentang produk B2B, sila layari Website http://facebook.com/B2B.Back.to.Basics/

Untuk pertanyaan/tempahan/pembelian dan sekaligus menderma utk tabung mangsa kanser, sila email kepada b2b_naturally@yahoo.com

Phone or call/ sms your order to 019-3706321

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