Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MB and A1 in Stadium Malawati

It was AWESOME!! This good looking Canadian gentleman not only a singer but he's a real entertainer! Enjoyed ourselves with his absolutely great and soothing voice...singing his hits like 'Home, Me & Mrs Jones, Cry Me A River, Crazy Love, Feeling Good, Havent Met You Yet, Save The Last Dance For Me, Georgia On My Mind, All of Me, Hearthache Tonight, Everything, Song For You, etc...' for one and a half hour. Ni ada gambar buat kenang-kenangan ;) Camera tak berapa canggih... seating pun agak jauh dari stage... so ini jer yg termampu snap. ;( Kesimpulannya, dengan harga tiket yg mahal giler (mujur kami tak spend more than RM6++ for A TICKET) mmg ianya sgt menghiburkan. Tapi untuk 90 minit show... ianya cukup tidak memuaskan hati... too short of a time!!! I was hoping he could sing more songs i.e Hold On, I'm Your Man, Sway. Tak puas sangat2... ;( Oh btw, Audi who was also one of the sponsors for the concert, introduced the new Audi A1 that night too.This new compact city car was unveiled for the first time to the audience. Dapat snap gambar from the big screen jer. Tapi begini la rupa Audi A1 tu (gambar yg saya cilok dari TopSpeed) Cantik dan seksi kan, A1 ni?? Nak beli?? Oh... tidak termampu lagi...:( Yg saya mampu adalah menambah koleksi gambar Audi dalam blog saya ni... uhuk!

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