Monday, April 20, 2015

Back to CBN for its Carnival...

True indeed!!! The feeling is just the same like 23 years ago when I entered the CBN's gate last Saturday. Nostalgic sekejap aunty ni teringat zaman muda2 dulu!!! :P

During the CBN Carnival which was held last Saturday 18th April 2015. Me & my books (5 out of 6 titles...satu lagi takde. Out of stock la pulak! Terlajak laris kot Kenangan Terindah tu! Ahaks!!)

 Anyway, the main purpose of this Carnival is to raise fund for the school. Like what we did in 1990. Since the old girls been given a booth... saya pun tumpang sekaki utk jual novel2 saya ni. I may not be able to contribute much for our alma matter... but I do hope with my small effort on that day, it will eventually benefit the school. Jualan novel saya about 17% jer out of the total sales... but at least, something right??

Thank you to all who came to our booth. Who bought our CBN merchandise, cakes, cookies and of coz my novels!! To my G21 friend (you know who you are) thank you for helping me out. Thank you for all the support... be it from the exCBNers, the teachers & the students. Hope to see you guys again... some other time!!

P/S: Dulu2 masa Carnival, tak rasa penat pun berlari sana sini. Last Saturday, bila balik aje dah lenguh2 kaki...age factor!!! :P

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